An Array of Tasks to Learn In-between Zoom Meetings

Oct 09, 2020
An Array of Tasks to Learn In-between Zoom Meetings

If you're like any of us, you've found that there are certain moments when you say "man I wish I could sew" or "wow my lower back hurts" or "why can't I touch my toes?" during this challenging time.

If not now, then when is a better time to learn some few new tricks and tips, and all from the comfort of your own home!


How to Stretch Your Lower Back

About 80 percent of Americans have a bad back, and all that time spent on the sofa watching “Tiger King” is only going to add to the legion of the lumbar-impaired. In just three minutes you’ll learn four moves that should elicit a pleasing crack from any ailing back. Roll out the mat, down on your knees and try each position for immediate relief.


How to Perform the Heimlich Maneuver 

Everyone knows what it is but few know how to do it. What if you’ve gone out of your way to protect loved ones from infection only to have them choke on a chicken bone? Captain Wayne Bennett of Disaster Survival Skills LLC is not about to let that happen. He lays it out for you here in four minutes that could save a life.

How to Train Your Cat (or Dragon) to Use a Toilet 

First they came for the toilet paper, then there was none. Next they’ll come for the kitty litter and leave you with a tray full of reeking cat poop. So, train the puss to use the potty. Watch mild-mannered Sebastian in his training toilet, a litter box placed inside the toilet, and gradually make both your lives virtually cat-poop-free.

How to Triple Your Memory

Why use recall when you can just take a picture? Well, here Ricardo Lieuw recalls experimenting with visualization and psychology to reduce his study time at college from three hours to one. In his link for TEDxHaarlem, he shares his secrets on learning how to learn.

How to Build a Privacy Fence

As the pandemic worsens and gun and toilet paper sales climb, who knows when they’ll be coming for your guns and toilet paper. Best to protect yourself with a privacy fence done cheap and easy. Carpenter Ian Ingram shows you how to take the lay of the land, sink your posts, pour your concrete and erect a fence in simple steps.

How to Juggle Toilet Paper

Now that you have more of it than you know what to do with, try juggling your toilet paper like your favorite soccer stars. Beginners can pick up tips above, while the more advanced can watch the pros get their kicks here.

How to Identify Constellations

With traffic nearly halted and a break in the smog, the stars shine brighter than ever. Here’s a quick guide to identifying Orion, Scorpio, Ursa Major and all your favorite heavenly bodies with the naked eye.

How to Clean Airpods

Admit it, they’re gross. If you listen to a lot of music on your earpods, they’re full of wax. How do you remove it? John Collins, who has given an inordinate amount of thought to this problem, assures you that liquids are out of the question. Cotton swab, bristle brush and toothpick are his weapons of choice.

How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube in No Time

Some solve it in just a few seconds, which might mean they’re geniuses. Or it could mean they’ve stumbled upon this simple algorithm anyone can use to solve the popular puzzle in a mere seven steps.



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