Inkerman welcomes Tombolo and Rise to ACK

Aug 17, 2020
Inkerman welcomes Tombolo and Rise to ACK

What do you get when a caffeinated ostrich finds himself in Hawaii? Answer: A pretty awesome collab.  

This summer we have partnered up with Tombolo and Rise Coffee out in Nantucket to bring you the ultimate summer in-store experience. We are offering all of our usual staples: summer sneakers, loafers and boat shoes, as well as an array of funky Tombolo shirts, all washed down by the super refreshing Rise Nitro Coffee. We are truly excited about this collaboration, and you should be too.

Quick run down on the the brands (on the odd chance you are yet to be introduced): 

Tombolo: If you don't yet own a Tombolo shirt then you're missing a trick. These guys are the go-to masters for "inactive" wear that's made for life on the beach. It also happens to be Jay-Zs essential tennis attire. 

Check out their website here, so if you're not on-island, you can shop online.

Rise Coffee: To answer the question: should I get oat or plain milk, Rise responds with a definitive "yes". The masters of the nitro cold brew have made something pretty special that, in their words, is akin to "a super light, refreshing stout beer meets iced coffee with a frothy, creamy head." Just try it. 

Check out their website here, so if you're not on-island, you can shop online.

Come visit us on 9 Old South Wharf, and start living your best summer.