Streamline Your Cocktails

Mar 30, 2020
Streamline Your Cocktails

While some of are using this time to kick off writing a 400-page vampire novel surrounding innocent Mary’s lust-led descent into darkness (which is totally not derivative), we have taken it upon ourselves to find the perfect cocktail combination to match what are currently streaming: like this Bloody Mary by @theweekendmixologist for your 100th watch of Nosferatu.

So dust off your mixers, and stop arguing with your now stay-at-home significant other about what to watch, and streamline your evening (or day) with a few of these combos:

GoodFellas — Zio Jack Smoked

A whiskey based cocktail that is finished off with cigar smoke. Transport yourself into a velvet-lined room filled with Jimmy’s, Pauly’s and Harry’s and feel like an untouchable king—that is until the smoke dissipates and all that’s left behind is a melted ice cube. 

@welcometomybar — Netflix

Ex Machina — Cold Hearted

“Do Gods need alcohol, or does one need it to achieve that state of mind.” The meaning behind the Cold Hearted cocktail serves as a double entendre in the case of Ex Machina. This is a movie that seeks to cover a lot of ground—from the existential threat of AI to humanity to where the boundaries of love lie—and it does so with vigor. We’ll leave the interpretations of this vodka based drink to the viewer, but needless to say you won’t be feeling all warm and fuzzy after Garland’s some-might-call-dystopian screenplay. 

@theglassclass — Netflix

Inception — Sour Sour (absinthe base)

Nolan loves exploring unanswered philosophical questions, and ultimately bends reality to his whim in order to do so. Sour Sour is a cocktail with an absinthe base that feels necessary in watching anything by the movie-maker, as it twists the mind with its core, while also leaving a sour aftertaste from humanity’s sordid underbelly.

@theglassclass — Netflix

The Lobster — Howler Monkey

While it may seem like a lighthearted and magnetic premise of people’s abilityto choose, and ultimately turn into animals, the Lobster is far from something you want to play with the kids in the room. Perhaps you wouldn’t want to be turned into a primate, but wetting your whistle with thtis firecracker the wheels churning—if you had to choose, what would it be?

@thetipsymuse — Netflix  

Springsteen on Broadway — G&T non-alcoholic

If you never had the chance to see it on Broadway, Springsteen’s sold out performance is available on Netflix, and we recommend pairing it with a non-alcoholic G&T. The Boss didn’t have his first drink until 22, and understandably so. For a story this captivating, rehearsed by a musician known for his 4 hour plus shows, you’ll want to be as clear-headed as possible while meandering the Streets of Philadelphia. 

@theglassclass — Netflix

There Will be Blood — Monday Rum Negroni

Daniel Day Lewis, in Paul Thomas Anderson’s epic,  is a businessman, and a businessman does what a businessman has to do. In a thoughtful and masterful performance from DDL, you’ll constantly be looking down to your red Monday Rum Negroni, waiting for that black gold. 

@theglassclass — Netflix  

Step Brothers — Piko's Hot Buttered Rum

“I forgot to ask you, do you like guacamole?” Piko’s Hot Buttered Rum is a dessert based cocktail that will make you feel good, if not great, about living in your parent’s basement (or making bunk beds) at age 40. While I believe it’s pronounced Piko and not Pam, you can toss on your PJs, place your mom’s pocketbook into the freezer, and sip on this all evening while watching Knitehawk and Dragon.  

@welcometomybar — Netflix 

Dark Knight — Fireplace Manhattan

“Some people just want to watch the world burn.” Contained chaos is one of the most beautiful things we can see in life, and what better way to watch and experience them simultaneously than with the second of Nolan’s trilogy while sipping on a Fireplace Manhattan. When the flame dies down, you’ll be left with the cocktail you need, but don’t deserve.

@welcometomybar  — Netflix

A Simple Favor — Ginikaze

Simple, yet dangerous, the Ginikaze combines everything you think you know about Gin (or Anna Kendrick) and Bitters (or Blake Lively) and dive bombs you with everything you didn’t think you knew you’d want or thought was possible. Facades can be misleading, and never trust someone with a bee pin on their exterior, as their honey is probably not as sweet as you think. — Hulu 

Logan Lucky — Bud Light

Not much else to say here. Just please recycle empties.

@budlight — Amazon Prime
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