The Creative's Response to Corona

Apr 29, 2020
The Creative's Response to Corona

This isn’t going to be an attempt to deep dive into street culture, or more to the point, profess any sort of experience, let alone ability, of art in its most visual and expressionist form. In fact, I think the last time I put pencil to paper was in an art class back at school where we were tasked to draw a chicken – I believe I was asked to leave. That said, it doesn’t stop any of us from appreciating it. 

Seemingly the commonality amongst artists is that it is a visual form of speech, a channeled expression without limits. It is this freedom of expression that fundamentally underpins creativity. 

The city lockdowns have not only been fertile grounds for nature, but also for street artists who crave the quiet isolation. A number of murals have been popping up around LA with their messages and depictions reflecting this current moment in time. 

Here are some of the standouts during a quick detour from shipping out masks.


Whatever is happening in the world, whether good or bad, such events will always create material from which to be inspired, a lasting memory to reflect on. It seems to me that this inherent perpetual nature, always changing and evolving, goes hand-in-hand with humans’ natural resolve and will to move forward. 


“Stay Safe” was painted by Denmark artist Rasmus Balstrøm (@balstroem) in Boyle Heights
Apr 29, 20200 commentsThomas Downing