The Isolation How to Guide: “Keep your Body Moving”

Apr 13, 2020
The Isolation How to Guide: “Keep your Body Moving”

One thing self-isolation has reinforced is that humans are quick to adapt (but not necessarily quick to follow rules). For each of us this quarantine period looks a little different depending on what type of character you are and, more importantly, who (if anyone) you are confining yourself with. I have heard a few nightmare stories here… 

Nevertheless, one common theme shared across the globe is that the we all have some, previously unimaginable, spare time on our hands while the world remains on pause; in other words, this is a glorious time to self-reflect and self-improve in a guilt-free way without the ever-looming, anxiety-inducing social construct of “FOMO” (pains me to even use the abbreviation). For once, we get to stare longingly out of the window taking it all in, while peacefully plodding along in the slow lane. This is the silver lining so savor it and enjoy it folks. 

No matter who you are, or with, or your likes and dislikes, or any habits or strict routines you follow – yada yada, you get the idea – the one logical, almost unequivocal practice to stay healthy (and sane), especially in these times, is to keep your body moving. This was the “if you had to give just one piece of advice” answer from Dr. David Sinclair, a popular Harvard Professor and Researcher, in his latest interview on the Corona pandemic (would recommend a listen). 

 On that note, here’s what’s keeping us moving

Live Music Performances (from isolation)

Whether you’re getting your wiggle on washing dishes at the sink, or simply reading the instructions of your cookie dough mixture, there’s been some great live music and DJ performances. A recent house favorite was from Palms Trax - just like the postman he always delivers - but keep an eye on your favorite artists right now as lots of good stuff happening. 

Baking – Luck of the Irish!

While it doesn’t strike you as the most obvious pant-worthy exercise, trust me, a few minutes of proper – and I mean sleeves rolled up and from a sturdy base – kneading will soon blow off the cobwebs and perfectly pave the way for your daily siesta. Try this fool-proof recipe that I managed to cock up the first time round (if you half the dry ingredients remember to half the wet too!). 

DIY - Tinker Nailor Solder Cry

For those of us who like to put off these jobs for years and years, there is no better time than now to finally get around to doing it! This is one of those instances where doing it the hard way really pays off. Firstly, it prolongs the current task and spreads out the remaining jobs for a satisfyingly full schedule; secondly, it means that the more awkward and impractical approach you take, the longer the stretch and better the exercise your body receives. Just be careful of that ol’ back though.    

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