The Concept

High-quality, handmade dress shoes for under $200

Inkerman shoes are designed and manufactured using the same materials and techniques found in shoes costing $400+. By delivering them directly to you, we are able to cut out the mark-ups associated with traditional brick-and-mortar retail.

Classic styles, contemporary comfort

Inspired by traditional English designs, Inkerman shoes are constructed using a custom-engineered natural rubber sole, giving our shoes the walk of a sneaker, but the styling of a traditional dress shoe. Inkerman shoes are a perfect everyday shoe; practical, but stylish, and appropriate for any situation or condition, dressed up or down.

The best materials, ethically sourced

All materials used in the production of Inkerman shoes are independently sourced to maintain the highest-quality and ensure that Inkerman works only with socially and environmentally conscious suppliers.

Design & Manufacturing

For the most part, shoes are made with the same core materials and processes. What makes a shoe great is the quality of those materials and the craftsmanship that performs those processes. Our search for both led us to León, the shoe capital of Mexico. Home to over 3,000 shoe manufacturers, 700 tanneries, and 300 suppliers of outsoles and textiles, we were able to find partners and talented artisans with the resources and expertise to help us create the shoes we envisioned.

The shape and fit of every shoe is determined by its last – the mold the shoe is built around. Inspired by classic designs, our lasts were hand-shaven by Stefano Gardini, an Italian maestro with over 30 years of experience, ensuring that Inkerman shoes met our standards of quality and comfort, while also fitting perfectly with our custom-engineered sole.

In crafting Inkerman shoes, we started by finding the materials worth using, and the suppliers worth partnering with. We did not just want to craft the highest-quality shoes, but to give you a look at the people and processes behind the shoes.

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Every pair of shoes is lined with “Grade A” leather, sourced from American cowhides and colored our signature green.

You can find things to debate about the quality of a shoe, but good leather speaks for itself. Unlike most shoes at this price point, Inkerman shoes are crafted using only "Grade A" leather, sourced exclusively from American cowhides. This means that our shoes are as durable as they are soft to the touch.

Despite leather’s well-deserved reputation, rubber is a better choice for the sole of a shoe. We make ours from natural rubber, which provides more cushion, better grip, and a longer lifespan than synthetic alternatives. Designed with a slim, unassuming profile, our sole combines the practical benefits of rubber with an aesthetic that does not compromise Inkerman’s classic-inspired style.

No matter how good they are, the materials for a shoe can’t assemble themselves. To bring everything together, we’ve partnered with the most experienced manufacturer we could find, from one of the oldest shoe making families in León. That expertise goes into each pair of Inkerman shoes, as they’re hand assembled with techniques honed over the years.

High-quality materials, the best craftsmanship, and the most comfortable rubber sole.