Meet the Team

Thomas Downing

A Colorado College graduate, Thomas began studying shoe making in New York at Bonobos, whilst gaining exposure to the fast paced eCommerce & retail environment. Prior to arriving at Colorado College, he developed and honed his passion for footwear design in retail event planning Harry’s of London shoe company. In his free time, Thomas frequents Rockaway with his trusty steed Smokey, and going for runs, where can be found on Strava.

William Pritchard (Pritch)

A Politics and Economics graduate from Newcastle University, Will started his career in London working at HSBC and BlueBay AM. This experience provided a firm grounding in business, which led Will to follow his ambition and apply these fundamental skills firsthand in an entrepreneurial venture. In his free time, Pritch combs his mustache and can often be found sipping a PB and Joe at the Equinox Juice Generation.

It all started on a small terrace in London

- Thomas Downing

Will Sartorius

An Economics major at Bates College, Will started his career at Deutsche Bank in New York. After two years, Will decided to leave the finance world and follow his writing passion, which ultimately led him to the position at Inkerman. In his free time Will frequents Phish shows and skis the east with the haziest of IPAs.


A Colorado native, Smokey travelled with Thomas to New York and left his life of crime in Colorado Springs behind. He enjoys a burrito, and can be found in our flagship store at 219 Mott Street on any given day.