5 Summer Essentials for a Nantucket Holiday

Jun 30, 2022
5 Summer Essentials for a Nantucket Holiday

Deciding what to wear for your next holiday? Here's a quick peek at our essentials for a Nantucket summer



1. (Of Course) Leo Canvas Sneaker 

Self-indulgence aside, no summer list would be complete without our very own, and just launched, Leo Canvas Sneaker - a trip to the Italian Riviera.

Leo Canvas Sneaker

2. Tombolo Angler Cabana Shirt

 Our friends at Tombolo have got "escapewear" down to a fine art so if you're not wearing their terry cloth this summer, you're missing a trick.

Tombolo Angler Cabana

3. Topo Designs Rover Pack Classic

Topo Rover Classic

4. Vela Bikes

Brooklyn-based Vela have carved out their very own own niche in the e-bike market with a set of wheels that's both stylish and affordable, with a European vintage feel.   

Vela Bikes

5. Weezie Beach Towel

Weezie Beach Towel


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