In a Sweat? Simple Styling for Any Date Night

Feb 13, 2023
Inkerman Valentine's Day

Our 7 Valentine's Day date essentials (also great for every day of the week)

Picture this: You've got plans with your significant other. You want to look effortlessly cozy but not too cozy (if you know what I mean). Maybe it’s a surprise so you wanna be extra-ready for every occasion. No matter the occasion or the activity, here are 7 must-have items for the perfect date night: 


Casually Cozy

Pairing our Penny Loafers with a Clyde Blue Crewneck Sweater is your go-to. Add some Pattern Socks if you feel like spicing things up. Literally, any bottom will work, a pair of jeans or a maxi dress. Now, dressed up but still comfy, you’re ready for that romantic dinner with your partner. 

Blue sweater patter socks penny loafers


Casually Cozy

Going for a sporty look? Then throw on a hoodie to go with our Willow Chelsea Boots. If it's extra chili, then a Cashmere Beanie is a must, or just for style, you decide. Pattern socks are the ultimate add-on to finish up this cozy ‘fit.



In any case, you should always be ready for a surprise getaway. Get all your essentials in a bag and let's go!


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