It's no Surprise, Spring is Coming

Mar 20, 2023
It's no Surprise, Spring is Coming

Mar 20, 2023

AKA first day of Spring,

AKA Spring Equinox,

AKA - our favorite season.

We love to take full advantage of daylight by exploring the outdoors. It’s part of Inkerman’s DNA. And while we’re trying to stay active, we can’t leave these must-have items behind. Usually a casual coffee stroll in NYC or an outdoor adventure in upstate New York call for certain items, here’s the breakdown to our spring essentials:

  1. Espadrilles - Canvas or suede, you choose. We promise one thing, they will keep you light and fresh during those warmer days

  2. Loafers - The Penny Loafers in brown are always a good choice if trying to stay casually cool

  3. Graphic tee - the signature Inkerman tee featuring original artwork by our team

  4. Sweatshirt - to top up that look, throw it casually over the shoulders, why not? 

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