Footwear is our Foundation.

High Quality. Handmade. Affordable.

The Inkerman brand connects with the young-at-heart nature of people from all walks of life: a shared aspiration to celebrate your own unique style and character.  

We believe in simplicity and listening to your needs: high-quality, honestly priced footwear that's both stylish in design and built to last using only the best materials.

Wear It Your Own Way

We are big believers in freedom of expression and celebrating individual personality. Wear It Your Own Way has come to mean to us to blur the boundaries between purpose and design, a sort of dysfunctional unity where traditional customs of style are there to be broken.

A Price that Makes Sense

Inkerman shoes are designed and manufactured using the same materials and techniques found in shoes costing over $400. How?Through selling directly to the consumer and fully managing our integrated supply chain we are able to control every process from sole to shelf. This means that we deliver our standard of quality at an honest price. It's a win-win!

Designed for Comfort

Simplicity and comfort lie at the heart of our design process.By leading with these core values we combine the best of traditional shoe making practices while ensuring contemporary comfort with our proprietary lasts for unique style and fit.

A Shoe for Every Occasion

Our aim has always been to be a one-stop shop for all shoe needs by offering a full wardrobe collection. Our versatility is through our minimal and functional designs, but of course, served with an Inkerman twist.

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